Interior Plants and Exterior Landscape Green Walls

Who will work on my project?

Garden gloves with exterior seasonal color plants for exterior gardens in Dallas TX.

The only people who will work on your landscape/garden are European Gardens employees. Our team members have experience and horticultural backgrounds. Each 

European Garden's employee will be familiar with your landscape/garden project. 

Are you insured and licensed?

Pruners Hand Shovels Garden Fork  and Flats of Bedding Plants for Seasonal Color in a Garden

At European Gardens, we have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our projects.

Some larger construction projects require special licenses and certifications. We have trusted members of the landscaping community that we work with for those special cases.

What kind of landscaping do you do?

Interior Greenwall in a Sports Facility with Green tropical plants on a wall

At European Gardens we can design install and maintain all different kinds of gardens.  

We know all about interior gardens, exterior gardens, patio gardens, container gardens, or a green wall, inside or outside. 

We design and maintain gardens for inside homes, for patios, and for inside offices, hotels and atriums. 

We are  interior plant specialists and know how to use  interior  tropical plants to relieve stress and provide oxygen. 

Another specialty of ours is mixing non-native and native plants to make a beautifully landscaped patio, yard, or container garden for outside. 

If your interest is a green wall or moss wall, we can do that too. 

Holiday decor, we have Santa's helpers on staff that can design and install  a magical transformation of your space inside and outside for any holiday. 

We serve clients in Dallas, Colleyville, and all around the DFW Airport area. Let us know how we can help you make your world a 'greener' place!